This is the home page for Barbara Meeker.
I am an emerita professor in the
Sociology Department at the University of Maryland, College Park.

My Office is room 4104 in the Art/Sociology Building

            Phone: (202) 997- 5110 e-mail address: bfmeeker@umd.edu
            Mailing address:
            Barbara Meeker
            Sociology Department
            University of Maryland
            College Park, MD 20742- 1315

Office Hours
by appointment

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Recent work:

Toward a Theory of Interpersonal Contributive Justice (Presented to American Sociological Association, 2017) Toward a theory of Interpersonal Contributive JusticeRev.pdf

Nonlinear models of distribution of talking in small groups Social Science Research Volume 85, January 2020, 102367 NonlinearModels.pdf or



Information about my Professional Background, Interests and Publications vita.htm

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